Refreshing approach to retirement

Pinelands Grove Retirement Village welcomes you to their distinctive, vibrant community of adults who enjoy the finer lifestyle in secure comfort. We offer a fresh approach to your retirement and attention to detail being our promise to you.
With majestic pines lining its wide streets, the southern suburb of Pinelands has a distinctively mature feel to it. Praised for its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere thanks to the abundance of trees, its prime location is one of the major draw cards to this day. Its history further adds to the allure as this former pine tree plantation was the natural development choice to address overcrowding in the growing City of Cape Town. In the early twentieth century it became the first attempt at a town-planned area in South Africa when renowned town planner Albert John Thompson started designing what was also to become the country's first Garden City. Pine trees eventually made way for homes, but they are honoured in the name of the suburb.
To this day Pinelands retains its former glory with circular drives and roads that go off at tangents making it a particularly welcome suburb to live in. Here nature is cherished. Through the years the greenery and waterways have been meticulously maintained and as a residential area it has continued to gain popularity, offering sprawling homesteads with large established gardens.