Cape Town is not just a land of scenic beauty with tons of different activities to do here. If you have just retired and are looking for things to do in Cape Town, you have come to the right place! After your fifties, life may get monotonous with the everyday routine. So, exploring new places and meeting new people is the way to go.

You can plan a private tour, a helicopter ride over the Atlantic, or get on a cruise and enjoy the view. And if you are looking to settle down, there are retirement villages too.

Basically, most people want to have a permanent abode and a small circle of friends to socialize with. To be fair, you can enjoy all these activities and tours after retiring. But at some point, you need to have a safe settlement plan. There are retirement villages in and around Cape Town for that purpose.

The Best Things to do in Cape Town after Retirement

You might be wondering if the majority of the things to do in this area are only suitable for energetic young people. But Cape Town understands the needs of senior citizens as well. Aged people are an essential part of the community, and they have the right to enjoy life to the fullest!

With that in mind, some exciting activities are recommendable. Of course, these activities can be suitable for anyone within a budget.

  • Ride a Helicopter over the Atlantic

What better way to witness the beauty of the city and the Atlantic Ocean from high above? You may think a helicopter ride is out of reach as too expensive, however not the case.

Most importantly, the view of the Table Mountains and the Amphitheater of the City Bowl is breathtaking. You may be able to catch a good glimpse of the Lion’s Head and the Twelve Apostles.

Besides, the coast looks marvellous when the gorgeous blue water hits it in places! And you can see this glorious beauty from a great height, with your favourite person by your side!

  • Enjoy A Private Tour – Cape Of Good Hope And The Penguins!

Some services allow a fully customizable tour. These tours start on private vehicles from your destination and then take you to various exciting locations. You can stop at the Bo-Kaap, explore the colourful city with great history, and take great photos.

Also, you get to do wine tasting at Cape Point Vineyards. Then, there are fascinating wildlife creatures and adorable penguins at Boulders Beach!

And finally, you get to see the most southwestern point of the African continent, the Cape of Good Hope. Visit the lighthouse and the nature reserve. It is an incredibly beautiful place to be with your partner and observe nature. Furthermore, the expenses are also within your budget.

  • Say Hello to The Whales

There is a whale expedition project in the south. You can enjoy whale-watching, feeding the whales, and diving into the beauty of marine life.

The largest annual gathering of humpback whales occurs only here in the whole world. Furthermore, you may be able to play with the dolphins too!

  • The Cruise

Enjoy a romantic evening on a boat ride on the Waterfront. With a glass of wine, watch the sun going down, inch by inch.

Also, there is a spectacular view of the Table Mountains in the background that adds to the beauty of the ride. It is about a 1.5-hour long ride. Perhaps, it could be your cue to relive your youthful days.

  • Explore The Wildlife

Who doesn’t love to explore the wild? Get your cameras ready before you embark on this amazing adventure. There are guided drives that will take you from Cape Town to the West Coast.

On the way, you get to meet rhinoceroses, giraffes, lions, etc. They roam around freely, and you can watch them safely. Then, you get to visit the safari park. Also, you get to do wine and beer tasting in the olive groves and at the breweries.

But Are you Thinking to Settle Down?

Actually, these are all fun activities to do around Cape Town. But if you are planning on settling down, there are great opportunities for that as well like retirement villages.

Yes, it is pretty obvious that now you want to sit back and relax in a place that you can call your home. And feel the same way too. Pinelands Grove offer great opportunities for seniors who are looking for a perfect home.

Pinelands Grove

You get to experience a boutique hotel-style living in a sophisticated neighbourhood. Pinelands care about your comfort and standards of living. You will feel just at home here with all the facilities within your arm’s reach. And all the friendly staff work here at your service 24/7.

Why Choose Them?

Basically, you get so much at such affordable prices here. You can purchase rental homes or studios, as well as one- or two-bedroom suites. Or, you can just rent the place. Many people moved to Cape Town to just get settled in the Pinelands. It is due to their outstanding services and the breathtaking beauty of Cape Town that you can witness this!

There is a resort-like pool here, and beautiful outdoors to explore. There are parks and trails scattered in the area. Because it is located at the foot of the Table Mountains, you can guess how beautiful it gets here! It is one of the most beautiful retirement villages Cape Town has to offer.

Services You Get

Besides, the catering service is superb, and food is served in a beautiful dining room. You can host parties, weddings, and birthdays there too. There is a communal piano that you can use. Also, the library is a great place to spend your downtime so you can focus on reading.

They inspire independent living, so you completely feel at home with tight security patrolling 24/7. You can buy apartments for a lifetime. These units include separate bathrooms and kitchens. They work with an external catering agency – the Feedem Group that serves amazing dishes, always fresh and clean!

Moreover, they have a boardroom, a pub, a TV lounge, a great cafe, and 12 lounges to relax in throughout the place. If you are worried about healthcare, rest assured. They have doctors in the neighbourhood who make house calls. And a great team of nurses who provide delicate professional services. Pinelands Grove is run by CPOA, Cape Peninsula Organisation for the aged.


Life can be tough for seniors who are looking for some excitement and a good way to pass their leisure time. Also, it is difficult to find a secure home at this stage. But Pinelands Grove can put an end to your woes.

So, explore different places and feel like you are young again. Because age is just a number. Your mental age is how you feel and what truly defines you! If you are thinking of settling down, you know where to go! Pinelands Grove is just a call away! Have a great day!