The Emotional Side of Retirement and Well Being

Retirement comes with a series of life changes and some emotional adjustments. There are situations you never faced before, but now you must because you are retired. However, the effects of retirement on mental well-being are not the same for everyone. Few people realise the importance of the emotional side of retirement and well-being.

Basically, post-retirement life is not easy for most people. The sudden change in work life, lifestyle, timings, schedules, etc., can take a toll on emotions. The stress is so bothersome for some people that they suffer from anxiety and depression.

If you are retiring soon, you must understand how the post-retirement changes can affect you. Also, you should know the usual causes of distress among retirees to stay prepared for what is to come. And you can find out your ways to combat the stress. So, please read the entire article to learn about all these facts.

Emotional Distress Observed Among Retirees

Often, retirees tend to suffer from work and family life conflicts. With age comes enormous responsibilities. In fact, these responsibilities can become a burden at some point. Not everyone understands how to handle stress healthily.

To be fair, the sudden transition becomes hard to accept for the working class and workaholics. When your daily routine of doing an 8 to 5 job collapses, you start to feel the void and finding new ways of filling it.

However, people who live with family, have an excellent monetary backup to pay for their retirement plans, have adequate savings, and have good support from spouses tend to suffer less.

Moreover, emotional distress is more common among the female population than in men. Usually, females are more prone to developing anxiety and depression. The simultaneous family affairs, transitions, financial burdens, etc., can cause the same. Many seek counselling and help from experts to combat the situations.

Not just in post-retirement but also in the last few days of your pre-retirement life can be exhausting and exasperating. Actually, the prevailing circumstances can decide whether you can take things easily or whether they may affect your well-being.

It gets lonelier in post-retirement life. And that is one of the top reasons for emotional distress. Besides, people with good retirement savings have always suffered less from the pangs of emotional distress.

Usual Cause for Distress among Retirees

Actually, when you want to retire is your choice. In most cases, people in their late forties or fifties retire first. However, some people are above 60 and still not retired.

Whatever the age group, retirees have a few general causes of distress. Read the next part to know in detail.

The Sudden Disruption

Giving up on a regular habit becomes the hardest pill to swallow for most retirees. When you have a habit of waking up early every day, making breakfast, and then rushing down to the office, a sudden change following your retirement becomes tough to accept.

In fact, you start to miss the rush and the business. You miss your colleagues and even those you did not get on well with. It is hardest in the first few days and life can become lonelier.

Failing to fill the Absence

When you miss the habits and the people constantly, you try to fill in the absence of these activities and the people. Moreover, you will try to stay busy with other activities to keep you distracted.

It may work well for some people. But many fail to fill in the absence constantly. At one point, they start to feel despair and distress.

Poor Savings

Perhaps, the job didn’t pay you well or you spent all your savings on buying and investing. And now are left with very little money to cope with your needs. Maybe, you had a tour planned or you wanted to invest in something important that is now impossible.

Of course, retirement plans can help you with these sorts of problems. Besides, you can always loan money.

Family Conflicts

Not everyone has a sound environment back in the house. Some families are already broken and dysfunctional.

Especially after retirement, many other conflicts may arise which can interfere with the emotional well-being of the family members. The constant daily feuds and arguments can cause anxiety in some cases.

Impact of Risky Behaviour on Social Wellbeing

As said earlier, not everyone learns to manage post-retirement stress similarly. Perhaps, the distress is more significant in some people’s lives. Or, the emotional side effects may weigh more than the gravity of the situation for some.

Most commonly, retirees may indulge in alcoholism, gambling, excessive tobacco use, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc. All these are the most dangerous possible risky behaviour seen in people of the retirement age group. These can hamper your social circle in the wrong way. Ultimately, it affects your social well-being.

Even something as simple as chronic alcoholism and excessive smoking can take a toll on your well-being. People with such habits end up with nasty diseases like Chronic Pancreatitis, Cancers, COPD, etc.

Also, abuse of drugs and violence can never bring anyone any good. These can lead to self-harming attitudes. They do not only hamper your social life but also affect the people living beside you and with you. Moreover, gambling has always been the root of all evil. It evokes greed, jealousy, selfishness, and crimes.

People who learn to deal with post-retirement problems intelligently from the beginning suffer less from these. Also, people who live in reasonable settlements like retirement villages or homes are far away from developing this sort of risky behaviour. So, you can really give it a thought.

How to Help new Retirees Manage Stress

The stress among retirees can range from something simple to really complicated problems. In fact, if you deal with it according to a plan, things can hardly go south.

So, there are some ways to help you deal with stress. Some of these are discussed here in detail.

A Good Home

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You can relax amidst the soothing greenery, take a chill pill at the pool, or spend leisure time in the game room. There is a beautiful piano, library, lounge areas, etc., to cater to all your needs.

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Stress Ball

Using a stress ball is scientifically proven to overcome many elderly problems. Most importantly, it helps to reduce stress and release the tension built inside you. It helps to activate specific muscle groups and nerves, which can prevent diseases like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, complications of Alzheimer’s, etc.

When you squeeze on a stress ball, some neurochemicals are liberated that help eliminate pain and anxiety. It instantly gets you in a happy mood. Also, it keeps you focused, so you don’t worry unnecessarily about other problems.


Retirement is a hard time for older persons. They go through a totally unpredictable transition period. A good backup plan can easily avoid the downfall and the emotional side of retirement and well-being. And Pinelands Grove is a good retirement home to help you with your backup plan.

Please give it a thought and contact Pinelands today. You will be glad you made this choice! Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Happy retirement!