In the modern world, services are increasingly going digital. It is safe to say that the digital revolution has taken the world by storm. Tuning in with this revolution can be one of the best things for seniors in retirement villages. Many people may think that people after their retirement cannot keep up with ongoing technological advancements. However, that is not the truth.

The retirement age in South Africa, according to their governmental policies, is 60 years or older. Pinelands Grove can assist seniors to learn the digital advancements. This creates the perfect opportunity for seniors to redefine their retirement meaning. Read on to know how seniors can keep up with the digital revolution.

Steps For Seniors to Keep Up With Digital Revolution

A common understanding of seniors is that they might find operating the newer technologies very challenging. Yes, this might be true to some degree. However, that is not the entirety of the scenario. With the right tools and guidelines, seniors can easily become tech-savvy. So, here are some steps for seniors to keep up with the digital revolution.

Understanding The Technology Basics

For seniors who are just starting to use technologies, understanding the basics will be very helpful. By basics, we mean elementary understanding, rather than an in-depth idea of how technology works.

For example, you can start by learning what device does what, what types of computers, what you can do with a smartphone, and so on. This will help the seniors to understand what type of device they need in a given situation. So, this will allow them to participate in the digital revolution better.

Learning The Basic Functions

Once you know the basics of technology, you can start learning the basic functions. This involves learning some simple operations like- typing a text, searching on the browser, sending an email, opening accounts, using different social platforms, making an audio or video call, etc.

An important part of learning the basic function is also learning about digital privacy. You must be careful about your passwords, codes, private information, confidentiality, digital rights, and more. This will help you to set boundaries appropriately. So, you can enjoy your technological features much more safely.

Take A Workshop Or Local Course

Another effective way for seniors to learn more about technologies and the digital revolution is by taking formal classes. This includes participating in a local course, a related workshop, or a seminar.

This will create opportunities for the seniors to learn from a professional. As a result, any confusion or queries can be met instantly. At the same time, this will give seniors an upper hand in breaking the stereotypes of ageism in the digital age. Seniors can become tech-savvy effectively through professional classes.

Start Learning Together

Elderly learners need to stay consistent in their learning pursuits. So, it is important to make sure that you are sufficiently involved and interested in the learning process. If not, you may find learning new things more complicated and overwhelming. This can create barriers in the long run for seniors to get used to technology and digital advancements.

The best way to make sure your interest in learning about new technologies stays fresh is by learning together. You can start with your group of friends and colleagues together. For this, retirement villages can be exceptional places. They can help you to form a meaningful connection with people. You can then learn with your group together.

One Step At A Time

Another important feature that we must be careful about is setting our goals. It is important for new learners, particularly senior learners of technology, to take one step at a time. Otherwise, the learning process can quickly become exhausting for you.

So, make sure that you are setting realistic goals for yourself. If you are planning to jump into learning to code right after your elementary understanding, you will find that it is an exhausting process. That is why make sure you are taking small steps and figuring out your interests. By following small steps, you will be able to achieve great heights of the digital revolution.

Keep A How-To Book For Help

Senior learners of technology and digitalization can find many tutorials and guides to help them on their journey. A “How To” book can be very helpful for you to practice learning on your own time. At the same time, it will allow you to deal with a problem effectively.

As the retirement age in South Africa is 60, you will find that many publishers, bookstores, and retirement villages specialize in helping books. So, keeping books that are relevant to your learning will help you to gain a better understanding of technologies. In this way, you will be able to redefine your retirement meaning.

Why You Should Become a Tech Savvy Senior

In the modern world, technology is the basis of almost all infrastructure. Whether it be business, communication, or medical care, one cannot do without the use of technology.

So, to survive in this era of the digital revolution, understanding and using various digital devices is imperative. At the same time, this allows you to be self-reliant as well. You can send important emails, pay digitally, communicate instantly, etc. This improves your overall wellness and standard of living.

On the contrary, without knowing how to keep up with digitalization and the revolution, you will lag in all areas. Sending important messages, setting up appointments, and connecting with your friends and family can become a big challenge for you every day.

Hence, you need to become a tech-savvy senior.


The digital revolution in the modern world is an important phenomenon. Seniors need to keep up with it. So, you can start your journey today by staying at Pinelands Grove. Make sure to contact us if you have any queries or thoughts.

Photograph with Compliments:  William Hook, Unspash