Independent Living facilities are a fantastic choice for energetic seniors who can easily handle daily duties but wish to use retirement time fully. However, there are tons of senior living options available. Thus, you might wonder whether resort-style independent living is your best option.

So, in this article, I’ll discuss if it is the right choice for you or not, along with some other information you might find helpful.


Is Resort-style Independent Living the Right Choice for You?

Even though many older folks find moving to independent living a reasonable option, it remains an important life choice that you need to think about properly. You have to consider your health conditions, lifestyle, preferences, etc., to determine if it’s the right choice for you or not.

One requirement for moving to an independent living senior community is complete independence. Independent living offers no care. So, seniors who need regular assistance outside of doctor’s offices due to health issues might not be a good fit for it.

For instance, it is probably not the best option if you have mobility issues that necessitate assistance or suffer from a chronic condition. However, resort-style independent living might be ideal if you’re a healthy and active elder. If you wish to leave the worries and duties of residing at home and set up additional time to explore or enjoy a peaceful life, it’s the best option.

Well, there are numerous advantages to staying at home. But keeping a house secure and maintained can significantly hold you down if travelling is already on the retirement wishlist.

So, that makes relocating to a luxurious independent living community an excellent idea. You can feel confident realizing your house isn’t only safe and well-maintained. Thus, it won’t matter whether you’re travelling for a few weeks or the entire winter.

Furthermore, like independent living retirement homes are not intended for people with cognitive impairment, the mental state must also be considered. It does not imply that occasionally misplacing your keys, failing to answer your phone, or sending an email disqualifies you.

Memory loss is simply one of the symptoms of dementia, which also includes reasoning and thinking issues. There is a chance that it will start as a mild cognitive decline and never worsen.

However, it’s also possible that it will progress over the years to become dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If that’s the case, resort-style independent living won’t suit you. But if you are healthy and want an active and carefree life, it’s the best option.

Moreover, as resort-style independent living offers many luxurious facilities besides giving you complete independence, they are a bit costly. So, if budget is not an issue for you, you can go for it without hesitation.


3 Benefits of Resort-style Independent Living

There are several retirement living alternatives for elders that you can explore. But selecting a luxurious independent living community has many advantages if you can afford it. Such places can improve and enhance your life can be improved and enhanced in invisible ways! So, let’s go over some of the most notable benefits of resort-style independent living:


Relief from Daily Responsibilities

Independence from the obligations of homeownership is among the most desired benefits of luxurious independent living. Housework may be a headache for many. So, living without needing to rake the yard or carry out the garbage could be a wish fulfilled.

Resort-style independent living offers you something precious in exchange for letting you flee from daily responsibilities. You won’t have to spend all your time maintaining your property. So, in your retirement, you can spend more time on meaningful pursuits like discovering a new pastime.

Teams of housekeepers and maintenance workers are available to take care of the routine maintenance tasks and repairs. Thus, you can concentrate on living each day as you see fit.


Nutritious & Delicious Food

Food quality and nutrition are among the main issues as individuals age. Seniors need to eat well. And researching foods that will reinforce positive ageing can take some time.

However, independent living is a terrific alternative if cooking is not feasible, perhaps out of necessity or want. You can add meal services to your package in these communities.

Moreover, in resort-style independent living, chefs can accommodate dietary requirements. They might provide a low-sodium diet and only utilize premium foods frequently procured from nearby farms.

Additionally, many communities work with dietitians who specialize in elder nutrition. Furthermore, they can be an excellent resource for ensuring that residents consume a balanced diet. So, these luxurious independent living facilities provide tasty and nutritious and healthy meals prepared explicitly per the client’s demand.


Social Interaction & Making New Friends

Every life phase has its own difficulties. And as we get older, meeting new people may seem more challenging. Being around individuals at similar life stages is among the most significant advantages of staying in an independent community.

And generally, you will meet people in resort-style independent living from similar family backgrounds. So, connecting with them becomes much easier.

Besides, living in a neighbourhood with people travelling down the same path as you makes it only natural to foster new friendships. Moreover, without additional duties like home maintenance or buying groceries, you can have enough time to meet new people.

Furthermore, a team of staff members is committed to organizing daily events in these luxurious living facilities. So, it is simple to interact with like-minded individuals and benefit from regular social contacts.


How to Select the Best Luxurious Independent Living Facility

Finding the ideal community is your next step once you have decided independent living is the most suitable option. However, it would be best if you considered the following things to choose the best resort-style independent living facility for you:


Inquire about Community Involvement & Social Events

Most communities regularly compile and distribute a schedule of independent living programs and events for members. Learn about the offered activities and how frequently they happen.

Find out if the events sound enjoyable, interesting, or in line with your preferences. Besides, inquire whether the activities director takes into account the desires of each resident or not. Moreover, you must consider if any committees, clubs, or religious organizations within the community are of your interest.


Research Dining Options

Most independent living communities offer three freshly prepared meals, snacks, and beverages daily. However, resort-style ones offer many special dietary meals keeping their client’s demands in mind. Ask for a menu sample and consider if the place would be a decent choice for you and your diet needs.

Furthermore, check about meal times, if seating is reserved, the alternatives open after mealtimes, and the community’s policies for individuals with dietary concerns. Once you have a select group of communities in mind, consider dining with some locals to gain a better sense of the cuisine.


Compare Additional Facilities & Costs

Many resort-style independent living communities offer luxurious facilities like swimming pools, gaming rooms, laundry rooms, etc. Before choosing one, you must compare several options and what facilities they are offering. Remember to do proper research before signing your agreement.



By now, you’ve got to know everything about resort-style Independent living facilities. So, if you think it is the best option, you can check out Pinelands Grove. We offer comfortable independent living in a luxury resort setting in the well-located Pinelands neighbourhood. Thanks for reading through.