CPOA setting high standards

“Whether it is elderly people who want to live in exclusive suburbs or those in exclusive retirement villages, we have exactly the same emphasis on the standard of care and professional service required. We have a commitment to take care of our elderly in the best possible way ensuring they live happy, fulfilled lives.” Billy Rauch - CEO CPOA
Managing Agency: Cape Peninsula Organisation of the Aged

The CPOA is a non profit organisation overseen by the CPOA Council of Volunteers. CPOA Council is chaired by our Chairman, assisted by two Vice-Chairmen and the Council Members of volunteers are invited due to their dedication,skills and expertise. The Council is administratively supported by the Council secretary. It is the role and function of the Council to ensure that the organisation is managed within in its constitution and to approve and support the strategic efforts of the Senior Management team. CPOA Council meets monthly and is preceded by a meeting of the Management Committee (Manco). This committee comprises the Chairmen of the various Home Management Committees, representing each of our Homes and Residences and Senior Managers, representing the various Portfolios in CPOA.

The Senior Management team is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and is supported by five portfolio managers namely Nursing Services, Finance Services, Hospitality Services, Human Resources and Internal Auditing.
Organisational Management (Organman) comprises the Portfolio Managers and other Senior Managers and meets in advance of the Manco meetings to discuss matters of importance and policy issues for further discussion at Manco. With Manco’s support, the CEO will motivate the discussed matters to CPOA Council for final approval. These approvals are confirmed at Organman for implementation.

The CPOA was founded in 1953 by a group of volunteers with a vision to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Since then it has grown into an organisation that stands as a leader in the field of care and nursing for the aged providing services to a large number of complexes which range from independent living to the provision of higher care and now the latest exciting development being Pinelands Grove Retirement Village.

“With 22 different villages under their management, and a history of serving the aged community for over sixty years, the CPOA prides itself in understanding residents’ requirements. Dedicated and experienced, the CPOA is ready to service you” Billy Rauch - CEO CPOA


Mrs J. Birbeck  
CPOA Council Chairperson

Mrs Birbeck has been a volunteer at CPOA for 35 years and is also Vice Chairperson of the Council. She has been a member of the Council since 1997. Mrs Birbeck is Chairperson of Anchusa and Fairmead Court Home Committees respectively.

Mrs J. Garwood
Secretary to the CPOA Council 

Mrs June Garwood is appointed as secretary to the CPOA     Council and has been with CPOA since 1986. Mrs Garwood   has many years of experience in secretarial and administrative functions and duties. Mrs Garwood   enjoys working within the different arenas of the retirement industry and strives towards improving the lives of the   elderly.

Mrs S. Gelderbloem
P.A. to the Chief Executive Officer    

Mrs Sandi Gelderbloem is appointed as P.A. to the CEO. She assists the CEO in the day-to-day running of his office, diary, meetings and other activities. Mrs Gelderbloem has extensive experience in the secretarial duties and has a passion for people. She believes portraying a professional image is very important and finds her reward in being of service to others.

Mr P. Beets
Area Manager    

Mr Beets is appointed as the Area Manager of CPOA. His duties include overseeing the operational activities of all the CPOA facilities and retirement complexes across the Western Cape. Mr Beets also manages all new projects in conjunction with the CEO. He has been with CPOA since 1986 and has a solid nursing and health care background. He enjoys the challenge of expanding the operations of the organisation and compiles various management agreements. Mr Beets enjoys the process of managing and directing the intricacies of projects and operations. He believes that being of service is the most important attribute to be successful in the retirement industry.

Mr X. Phukwana
Financial Manager    

Mr Phukwana is a Financial Manager for the CPOA and is responsible for the management of Project funding and investments. His focus is to advise and assist the CEO and Council in terms of projected income, expenses and cash flows. Mr Phukwana in conjunction with the other portfolio managers ensures that the CPOA maintains a prudent course in its operational expenses.

Mr E. Hellenberg
CPOA Council Vice-Chairperson

Mr Hellenberg has been a volunteer at CPOA since 1973; he acts as Vice-Chairperson of the Council. Mr Hellenberg is also the Chairperson of Lilyhaven’s Home.   
Mr W.T.J. Rauch
Chief Executive Officer  

Mr W.T.J. Rauch has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of CPOA since 1995. Having qualified with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Stellenbosch University in 1965, Mr Rauch practised as a professional engineer, consulting mainly in structural engineering until 1995. He took early retirement as an Executive Director of a National Consulting Engineering Company in order to pursue his passion for elder care. He was appointed as CEO of CPOA in 1995 and has enjoyed this challenging yet very rewarding career path. He has repositioned CPOA especially in terms of managing their economic activities like a business. This included optimising their income potential out of Life Right and other developments for CPOA. This, as well as prudent financial management makes it easier for CPOA to internally subsidise their very substantial welfare commitments. Mr Rauch’s exposure to the various challenges in the management of the service component within the retirement environment makes him very aware that there are still many opportunities to be explored in future.

Miss V. Heighway
Manager: Nursing Services    

Miss Val Heighway has been the Nursing Services Manager at CPOA since 1995. She manages and supervises the performance and standards of nursing in the health care facilities owned and/or managed by CPOA. In addition she is Deputy CEO to Mr. Rauch and also the Training Manager for CPOA. Her experience covers a wide spectrum including clinical work at Groote Schuur Hospital and teaching and management at Carinus Nursing College.

Mrs A. Balchin  
HR Manager    

Mrs Balchin is the HR Manager and is responsible for a variety of Human Resources Management function such as the implementation of labour related legislation, recruiting, administration in terms of letters of appointment, employment agreements and labour relations. Mrs Balchin was appointed at CPOA in 1987 and has twenty years of HR experience.

Mrs C. Bell  
Financial Manager: Departments   

Mrs Bell is a Financial Manager for the CPOA and is responsible for the management of the financial departments. Her focus is to manage the CPOA accounts system and to ensure accurate and correct accounting procedures are followed. Mrs Bell also manages the creditors department and ensures correct and timeous payment of service providers. She finds it rewarding to work for an NPO and supports the notion of independence of the elderly.