Perhaps, you are having a hard time looking after your parents. Say you have a job and you work abroad or in long shifts. You must do so much, but your retired parents are alone at home. It is getting harder for your mother to keep up by herself after retirement. Maybe it is high time you started looking into retirement villages.

Retirement villages can really be the answer to your concerns. Nowadays, most retirement villages are modernized enough to offer special privileges as per your needs. Maybe your mom will finally find a new home that is a better fit for her.

There are several taboos and misconceptions about retirement homes and villages. Many people endure such immense suffering because they are reluctant to move to retirement villages, whereas the solution is just a doorstep away. So, if you want to learn how your mother can enjoy the rest of her post-retirement life in peace and happiness, read till the end.

Why Consider a Retirement Village?

Basically, a retirement village is a small facility where anyone can get a taste of living independently in a well-organized and well-structured setting. It has all the facilities that a retired person could need in everyday life, so they don’t lack anything.

Actually, the term “village” refers to a small area that encompasses all the important sectors and needs of your life so you can build your home there. It includes all the basic things you need for a living.

For example, you need food for a living, so there are eateries and markets; you need shelter, so there are homes. Moreover, you need friends to socialize with, so your contemporaries are around you. And it would be best if you had quality time, recreation, and entertainment, so there are libraries, playgrounds, etc.

Likewise, a retirement village will provide you with all these facilities in a homely setting. It is a complete package for life in a small setting!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines retirement meaning the act of retiring; that is, to withdraw oneself from active working life or a position or occupation. As per the data for 2022, the average retirement age in South Africa is 60 years.

When a person retires, life is really not the same anymore. They need to socialize more because anxiety can hit them at some point. Also, their body strength is no longer the same, so they may need help with household chores. Besides, maintaining the finances can become a burden, too, with the bills and insurance piling up.

In all these cases, having some extra help can come in handy, with the added bonus of living in a modernized facility (that has everything a person needs, literally!). These are the dire times when you need to consider living in retirement villages. In fact, if you are looking for a place for your mom, there can’t be a better and safer option than these places.

Facilities In Retirement Villages

To be fair, old homes used to be the first aid care for the elderly in earlier times. Most importantly, these were only limited to serving personal needs like dressing, cleaning, and washing, with particular attention to medical and rehab needs. Their main focus was on nursing the old and sick people, and perhaps, that is also your idea of retirement homes too.

Nonetheless, circumstances have changed, and people have come up with a whole new idea for Retirement Villages. They have incorporated the requirements of day-to-day lifestyle and aged care in the same place. You can have all services and privileges within your arm’s reach there. So, what are these privileges?

  • Safety And Security

After retirement, safety can become quite an issue for older people. This age group, in particular, is vulnerable to diseases. Also, there are growing incidences of crime and unrest. All these pose a significant threat to life, especially for those living alone.

In retirement villages, safety is the primary concern. These facilities ensure that you get the highest possible security in all matters. For instance, in Pinelands Grove, be it financial, personal, healthcare, or whatever matter – safety is the first keystone.

  • Socializing

After your mom turns 60, she hardly has the time or energy to meet with old friends and keep in touch. Or if she is single, life gets lonelier, and it will be hard to date. Of course, she may not approve of Tinder or Bumble.

In these facilities, your mom can find several people just like her with common grounds. It becomes easier to make friends, have a pleasant chit-chat over a cup of coffee in a homely place, or even meet someone new in an old-school way.

  • Enjoying Leisure

Most retirement villages have gyms, libraries, lounges, swimming pool, etc. Perhaps, your mom forgot to take care of herself in the hassle of her busy life in the past.

Now, she can enjoy her leisure doing some painting, reading, watching good movies, or just spending some time at the pool.

  • Living Better and Smarter

Actually, renting a house or buying a new one can be a tremendous financial burden after retirement. You may not have enough savings. And life is not getting any cheaper. Moreover, healthcare, groceries, cleaning, washing, cooking – everything comes at a price.

So, make a good investment in buying a retirement suite. Or just rent a place at a lower cost in a retirement village. You can have everything by spending much less.

The Best Retirement Village in South Africa

Since you searched for all these places for your mom, you have indeed researched a lot about retirement villages.

You could put your trust in Pinelands Grove and stay assured of a healthy and happy life for your mom.

What Makes Them Unique?

Pinelands Grove offers so much more than traditional nursing homes or retirement villages. They have added the essence of “Boutique Hotel-style living” to their suites and rentals available for living.

Living an elegant life with a view of the Table Mountains in a picturesque place – is literally everything your mother needs in her retirement.

Safety And Socializing

The main buildings are under the coverage of CCTV with tight security patrolling the entire village day and night. So, safety is not really something you need to think about here. Let the experts handle this!

They encourage an independent lifestyle and have an excellent environment for socializing. There is a lovely dining lounge area to host birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc., and serve the guests well.

Overall Services

You can rent a one bedroom or two bedroomed apartment, or studio apartment or simply buy your place for a lifetime. There is a boardroom, a well-stocked bar, pubs, cafe, restaurant, etc. There is a communal piano you can play on if you love a little music or wish to learn, and 12 separate lounges scattered in the village where you can sit back and relax.

Moreover, the COPA Healthcare Centre has been serving this community for a long time. There are packages for those living in apartments if they want privacy.


Retirement does not have to be depressing or boring. It is the choice a person makes for the sake of themselves. Your mind, body, and soul need rest too. Life gets more challenging as we age. So, maybe it’s high time you chose a place in a good retirement village for your mom. And Pinelands Grove is just the answer to your prayers!

So, if you have further questions, take a look at the FAQ section. Or simply call 021 530 0300 and get in touch with the fantastic team. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Have a great day!

Photograph with Compliments:   Christina Wocintech, Unsplash